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Collagen + Elastin Recovery Mask

What It Is

A deeply enriching, smoothing mask that helps counter the visual effects of depleted skin. May be used as an overnight mask. After just one use it brings new life to dull, dry skin and used over time, you’ll wake up with skin that appears more radiant, less wrinkled, firmer, and plumper.

How It Works

Over time, the collagen and elastin in skin begins to break down due to everything from natural, chronological degradation, to lifestyle to UV exposure. This means fine lines and wrinkles emerge and the skin begins to droop and lose its luster. This skin saving mask pairs groundbreaking forms of vegan collagens and elastin with brightening and protective antioxidants, vitamins C and B3, to smooth the look of wrinkles, improve the appearance of elasticity and return skin glow. Then, fermented reishi mushroom and hyaluronic acid help support the natural skin barrier to calm the look of redness and increase hydration. 

Key Ingredients

Vegan collagens + elastin
a skin mimicking complex that helps visibly improve the appearance of elasticity and plumps and smooths skin
Fermented reishi mushroom
naturally high in beta glucan, this potent mushroom calms the appearance of redness, supports the natural skin barrier and locks in hydration
Hyaluronic acid
eight molecular weights make this a powerful, moisture binding humectant that helps prevent natural moisture loss and plumps fine lines and wrinkles
Vitamin c + niacinamide (b3) blend
vitamins B + C work together to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and visibly plump skin


SKU: 10217
Collagen + Elastin Recovery Mask
$ 70.00

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