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Moisture Mist

What It Is

This hyaluronic acid-infused hydrating mist floods the skin with moisture binding humectants and amino acids. Moisture Mist is the perfect companion to serums and moisturizers and enhances their absorption and spreadability. Not only that, it helps set mineral makeup. Great for an afternoon refresh or just when skin needs an added boost of hydration. Plumps skin and leaves it nourished, more supple and with a dewy finish.

How It Works

Moisture Mist is loaded with a diverse range of hydrating ingredients, all selected to work in concert to increase water levels in the skin. Moisture attracting hyaluronic acid and beta glucan draw water to the skin, reduce the appearance of visible redness and lock in hydration. Then a replenishing complex of emollient amino acids (sodium PCA, glycine, proline, serine and alanine) increases moisture content and helps plump dry, depleted skin.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid
a moisture binding humectant that helps lock in hydration and plumps skin

Beta glucan
a powerful hydrator that helps fortify the natural skin barrier and helps calm skin

Sodium PCA
an amino acid that attracts water and traps it to increase moisture content in the top layer of the skin

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Moisture Mist
$ 17.00

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