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PREbiotic/PRObiotic Bundle - SAVE!

This gut-healing bundle includes both PREbiotics and PRObiotics to nourish a healthy gut microbiome.

Feed the "good bugs" in your gut with PREbiotic Support Formulaa distinctive formulation of three soluble dietary fibers with prebiotic activities that stimulate the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and enhance gastrointestinal and systemic immune function. 

Probiotic Support Formula is ideal for individuals seeking a well-rounded supplement to support a healthy balance of intestinal flora. 30 billion CFU per capsule. No need to refrigerate!

Suggested use:

PREbiotic Support Formula - 4 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Probiotic Support Formula - 1 capsule daily

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PREbiotic/PRObiotic Bundle - SAVE 20%!
$ 66.54 $ 83.17

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