$ 60.00

Topical C Moisturizer 

What it Does

This “do-it-all” hydrating balm for extra-dry skin deeply moisturizes, helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and smooths the appearance of wrinkles. Leaves skin looking firmer, brighter and with a more even tone and texture. Perfect as a nighttime moisturizer.

How it Works

To be effective, your moisturizer needs ingredients that your skin recognizes and more importantly, the ingredients need to know where to go. This "moisturizer of all moisturizers" combines skin-conversant ingredients with a lipid-based, smart delivery system to absorb without irritation. Most traditional moisturizers are designed to simply trap moisture at the surface of skin and superficially moisturize it. Topical C on the other hand moisturizes skin and delivers vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate) and natural barrier protective nutrients to where your skin needs them the most.

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Topical C Moisturizer - Ultra-Hydrating
$ 60.00

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